Why Badminton is So Popular in Ireland

Why Everyone In Ireland Loves The Game Of Badminton

Have you ever played badminton before? This is a game that is a racket sport. Unlike tennis or racquetball, it is played using a shuttlecock on a grassy surface. The shuttlecock is not able to hit the ground. It must be kept in the air. It will go back and forth over the net until it does hit the ground giving a point to the opposing team. In Ireland, this is a game that many people enjoy. If you have ever played the game, or if you are going to Ireland, you should know why everyone in Ireland loves the game of badminton.

Badminton Is Entertaining

If you go to the official badminton side of Ireland, you will be astounded at how much information there is. They have regular tournaments, and also a Facebook page, where people are talking about the sport. It’s hard to imagine that a game that is so innocuous has such a rabbit following. There are coaches, teams, and loyal followers that will watch the game and their favorite players regularly. There is a certain amount of excitement as the shuttlecock goes back and forth multiple times. It is also a great sport to play if you are looking for a way to get exercise.

Badminton Is Perfect For Exercise

If you want exercise, badminton is a fantastic way to do this. It does so much more than get you tired. It’s going to work all of the muscles in your leg as you are running around. It requires you to sometimes dive in order to make the shot. Additionally, it is going to work your arm, chest, and back muscles. There are some players that will use either their left or right hand when they play. If you play in a tournament, you will certainly understand why many of the professional players look so exhausted.

Badminton Is Great Family Fun

One other reason is that it brings people together. It is one of the sports that people can play regardless of their age. You could be playing with your children, adult friends, or even your grandparents. It is a sport that does not require too much flexibility. As long as you know how to play, and you are aware of the rules, everyone can take turns. If you are going to play for a team, practicing hours every day with your parents, brothers, or your sisters, can prepare you for higher levels of this outstanding sport.

Ireland simply loves the game of badminton. If you do any traveling there, you will certainly find this out. At the very least, you will see that the online presence of badminton fans in Ireland are extremely numerous. Once you have found a team that you can play with, you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of this very popular sport. There will even be some notoriety if you are one of the better players. If you are in Ireland, or if you are simply going to visit for a few months, find out more about the game of badminton.

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