Badminton Bags

Best Badminton Bags for Shoes & Rackets

A badminton bag is specially designed to carry all of your badminton kit with you on the go. With enough space for all your items, a badminton bag will protect your racket and will also often come with separate spaces for your shoes, kit and shuttlecocks.

Here are the 5 top best badminton bags to browse.

1. YJZQ Team 6 Racket Badminton Bag

Fantastic Team Bag Choice

Racket Capacity: 6 | Colour: Blue | Size: L 72* H 27* W 18CM |

  • Large capacity for 6 rackets
  • Extra storage pockets
  • Comfortable duffle bag shoulder strap

This badminton bag from YJZQ is ideal for carrying up to 6 rackets at once which is great for those players who like to get together to play as a team.

With front pockets and side pockets for added storage options, this badminton bag can easily transport all of your kit too, including clothes, shoes, shuttlecocks and other game essentials.

As this is a duffle style bag, it also comes complete with a soft shoulder strap so it is comfortable to carry around too even when heavy.

2. Portable Badminton Racket Bag

Sleek and Simple Badminton Bag Design

Racket Capacity: 1 | Colour: Black | Size: 71x22x1.5cm |

  • Lightweight with shoulder strap
  • Waterproof case
  • Durable long wear zippers

This badminton bag is ideal for carrying your racket on the move no matter the weather as it is also 100% waterproof and made from 1680D waterproof Oxford fabric to truly last the test of time.

This slimline and lightweight case comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and a durable zipper to last no matter how many times you open and close it and is the ideal choice for single players.

3. Senston Badminton Racket Bag

Protective and High-Quality Bag

Racket Capacity: 1 | Colour: Black | Size: 22 x 22 x 8 cm |

  • Adjustable strap
  • Side zipper
  • Durable material

This protective and high quality badminton bag from Senston comes with the distinctive brand logo and features as adjustable strap for maximum comfort when carrying this bag on the go.

The side zipper means you can carry your other essentials easily too, such as your keys and wallet, and the durable and sturdy material makes this bag built to last no matter how much you play.

4. Raquex Racket Bag

Large Capacity Badminton Bag

Racket Capacity: 6 | Colour: Blue | Size: 38 x 34 x 8 cm |

  • Holds up to 6 rackets
  • Space for shoes
  • Adjustable and removable strap

This large capacity badminton bag is great for taking all your kit on the move at once and can hold up to 6 rackets.

There is also a separate compartment for shoes to help keep them clean and away from other items, and the adjustable strap can also be removed too for added convenience when carrying if you prefer.

This badminton bag is made from an extra thick material so it will not rip or sag even when carrying lots of items for added customer peace of mind.

5. Tenthome Waterproof Badminton Bag

Top Waterproof Badminton Bag Choice

Racket Capacity: 4 | Colour: Brown with Chevron Stripe | Size: 30×10×70cm |

  • Waterproof Oxford Fabric
  • Holds up to 4 rackets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

This attractively designed badminton bag comes in a brown with white chevron stripe design and can easily hold up to 4 rackets as well as having space for other items too, including your badminton kit, shoes and shuttlecocks too.

This badminton bag is a great waterproof choice as it is made from Oxford fabric for added toughness and durability. The strap is adjustable and is also padded, making this bag comfortable to carry around with you on the move.

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