Badminton Sets

Best Badminton Sets for Kids

A badminton set offers players the chance to purchase all of the equipment needed to play the game of badminton in one handy kit.

A badminton set will usually include your rackets, net and shuttlecocks. Here are the top 5 best badminton sets to choose from.

1. Vicfun Hobby Set B Badminton

Ideal 2 Person Set for Fun

Material: Steel | Colour: Yellow, Black | Weight: 260g |

  • Steel rackets
  • 2 shuttlecocks included
  • Carrying bag

This badminton set is perfect for 2 players and comes with 2 steel rackets that are designed in an eye-catching yellow and black colour combination.

Lightweight and easy to play with, this badminton set also includes 2 shuttlecocks made from a synthetic nylon material and is easily to take on the move thanks to its included carrying bag.

2. FBSPORT Portable Badminton Set

Ideal for Playing Badminton Anywhere

Material: Not Specified | Colour: Green | Weight: 3.8kg |

  • Freestanding net base
  • Easily portable set
  • Includes net, 2 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks

This complete badminton set is perfect for playing badminton anywhere anytime and features a freestanding net base that take zero assembly time.

Easily portable, this set comes with its own carrying case and includes everything you need to play badminton, with 2 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks included too.

3. Senston 2 Piece Carbon Alloy Badminton Set

High-Quality Material Badminton Set

Material: Graphite | Colour: Black | Weight: 460g |

  • High-quality graphite material
  • 2 rackets, 2 shuttlecocks, bag
  • Isometric racket design

This high-quality badminton set comes with 2 rackets that are made from 100% durable graphite material which are made with an isometric racket head design for better range and trajectory during play.

This set also comes with 2 shuttlecocks and a protective carrying case too.

4. Aceshop 16 in 1 Badminton Set

Best Choice for Kids

Material: Iron Alloy | Colour: Blue | Weight: 100g |

  • 2 rackets, shuttlecocks, whistle and ball
  • Carrying bag
  • Great for family fun

This badminton set is the ideal choice for family fun and comes complete with 2 rackets, shuttlecocks, a whistle and also a ball as well so children can build up their confidence before using a shuttlecock.

The rucksack designed carrying bag is easy for children to carry too and these rackets are made from an iron alloy to be lightweight and durable.

5. DUNLOP Carlton Badminton Set

Great All Round Badminton Set

Material: Not Specified | Colour: Black | Weight: 340g |

  • 2 racket set
  • Trusted brand
  • Includes pack of shuttlecocks

This badminton set from trusted sports brand DUNLOP is a good all-round set and comes complete with 2 high-quality rackets as well as a pack of shuttlecocks too so you can start playing straightaway.

Perfect for 2 players as well as for a family to play with as well, these rackets have an isometric design to better speed and trajectory during play for a better professional feel during a game, but are still a great option when it comes to beginner players too.

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