Badminton Nets

Best Badminton Nets

The badminton net separates players whilst they return the shuttlecock back and forth across the top of it.

Taut at the sides, a badminton net will usually have some give in the middle to allow for greater return during play. Here are the top 5 best badminton nets.

1. Oypla Large 5m Adjustable Net

Easy to Assemble Badminton Net

Colour: Multi | Adjustable: Yes | Size: 5m |

  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds up easily into case
  • Reaches 155cm height for badminton

This badminton net is ideal for badminton play and can reach up to the required height of 155cm.

This easy to assemble net is perfect for playing anywhere, whether in a park, on the beach or at a school. This badminton net also easily folds up for great portability and comes with its own carrying bag.

2. KIKILIVER Portable Badminton Net

Great Choice to Take on the Move

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Size: 10ft |

  • Durable material
  • Tension rings for easy adjustment and assembly
  • Lightweight 750g

This badminton net is made from durable materials, including polyester, PU and carbon fibres.

The tension rings at each side make this net easy and quick to assemble as well as easily adjustable too for maximum customer convenience.

Complete with its own carrying bag, this net reaches up to 10ft in height but is very lightweight at just 750g.

3. Urban Pop Up Badminton Net

Top Garden Badminton Net

Colour: Red | Adjustable: Yes | Size: 3m – 5m |

  • Easy to store
  • Comes with racket and shuttlecocks included
  • Reaches 155cm badminton height

This badminton net takes just 45 sections to assemble and is lightweight and easily portable and storable too.

This badminton net is ideal for fun garden play for families and also comes with rackets and shuttlecocks included too. This badminton net reaches the required height of 155cm for badminton play.

4. HOMCOM 4m Badminton Net

Soft Fabric Net for Maximum Safety

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Size: 4m |

  • Longline soft net material
  • Metal frame for adjustable height
  • Easily portable

This badminton net from HOMCOM is a longline net made from a soft fabric to make it safe if any players accidentally run into the net during a game.

The metal frame makes this badminton net quick and easy to adjust too, and it comes complete with its own carrying bag for simple storage and portability.

5. Display4top Foldable Badminton Net

Perfect Net Option for Kids

Colour: Black | Adjustable: Yes | Size: up to 155cm |

  • 3 different height adjustments
  • Quick to fold and store
  • Strong nylon material

This badminton net is ideal for kids and comes with 3 different height adjustment choices, including 107cm, 120cm and 155cm.

This badminton net has its own carrying bag and is quick and easy to fold and store, and the strong nylon material makes it tough and durable too.

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