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Best Badminton Rackets for Beginners & Advanced

Choosing the right badminton racket is key when it comes to the quality of your badminton game.

Always be sure to pick the right weight of racket for your badminton level of experience, and take note of the balance point as well as the string tension too in order to find the perfect racket for you.

Here are our top 5 badminton rackets for men, women & kids –

1. Wilson Badminton Racket

Trusted Brand Name Racket

Hand grip: Size 3 | Material: Aluminum | Weight: 410g| Balance Point: Beginner-Advanced

  • 2 racket set
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Right or left-handed suitable

This Wilson badminton racket comes in a set of 2, making ideal for both players to use together.

Made from lightweight aluminum with a size 3 8.57cm grip, these rackets can be used by both right and left handed players. These rackets also come with a convenient carrying bag to keep your rackets safe and easy to carry with you on the move.

2. Talbot Torro Isoforce Badminton Racket

Professional Quality Racket

Hand grip: Longbody | Material: Graphite, Carbon | Weight: 160g | Balance Point: Even Balance

  • 4 fibres high impact accuracy
  • Enlarged eyelets for greater acceleration
  • Even balance

This professional quality badminton racket is strung with 4 fibres for higher tension and high impact accuracy.

The enlarged eyelets make for greater acceleration when hitting the shuttlecock and the balance point is an even balance racket for greater flexibility and precision.

3. Dunlop Carlton Badminton Racket

Fun Family Set

Hand grip: Not Specified | Material: Plastic | Weight: 340g | Balance Point: Not Specified

  • 2 racket set
  • Lightweight material
  • Good choice for family fun

These badminton rackets from well-known sports brand Dunlop come in a set of 2 and are ideal for some family fun when playing the game.

The lightweight plastic material makes these rackets easy to hole and use and has shuttlecocks included.

4. Carlton Pro Series

Good All Round Badminton Racket

Hand grip: Not Specified | Material: Plastic | Weight: 400g | Balance Point: Not Specified

  • Carrying bag included
  • 6 shuttlecocks included
  • Long handle

This badminton racket is a good basic choice and comes with all the added accessories you need, including a carrying bag to keep your racket protected and easily portable, plus 6 shuttlecocks to play with too.

The long handle makes this racket easy to swing and control.

5. YONEX Muscle Power

Isometric Shaped Head for More Accurate Shots

Hand grip: 4.5″ | Material: Not Specified | Weight: 98g | Balance Point: Even Balance

  • BS1801 strings
  • Isometric head shape
  • Protective head case

This badminton racket from YONEX is a powerful and well-designed choice, featuring an isometric head shape for greater accuracy and control of shots.

The handy protective head case will ensure your racket is always safe from damage and the specialist BS1801 strings are able to provide the perfect tension for the most accurate shots.

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